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The fastest most effective way to submit your music would be via email of course. There is no set in stone structure to submitting your music. However, if you want radio presenters, A&R’s, music bloggers to take your artistry more seriously and consider your new music for potential airplay or to secure an interview for example, you’ll need to convince them that your track is worth showcasing.

So below we have 7 top tips that we think would help you sell yourself and your music.

INTRODUCTION - Provide a brief bio of yourself but be concise! Put in enough information to sum up who you are, and what you do, or you can attach an EPK (Electronic Press Kit).” This EPK is an opportunity to sell your artistry. It should briefly include highlights of your musical journey i.e major playlists you’ve may have featured on, who you’ve collaborated with, etc. Complete with a well mixed and mastered radio edit of the track in question, and high res press shots/cover art.

DO YOUR RESEARCH - Ask yourself if your music would suit the radio show or music blog? What makes your music stand out from the other artists featured that may be of the same genre as you?

GUIDELINES - Be sure to have read the submission guidelines, and sorted all your assets i.e. high res press shots, MP3/MP4’s, brief bio, track description, etc. before making your enquiry. There may be a form to fill out, their may be a link provided for you to upload the track/video directly to the website of the platform your contacting.

EXCLUSIVITY - Send them something that no one has yet! Radio presenters and music bloggers love it when they receive new music and are able to share it first. Try sending your music at least 3-5 days prior to release.

MAKING YOUR ENQUIRY - Personalise your email. The purpose of your reaching out will be to maintain a business relationship with the platform. Maybe mention a track you heard, or an interview you saw that inspired you to contact them. Remember this is the first point of contact you have with the platform, so make it memorable, don’t just provide a link in the recipient’s inbox. It will look like spam, and may get ignored or lost.

LINKS TO YOUR MUSIC - Only use links if you have provided all the assets in number 1. Not every radio presenter, music blogger, or DJ has time to search for your music. Having made it easier for them to locate your music, increases your chances of getting a feature.

FOLLOW UP - Kindly follow up once at most if you don’t get a response. You have to remember presenters and bloggers receive so many submissions and may not have time to get in touch with everyone. Contacting them more than once may be a bit annoying therefore, deter them from getting back to you.

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