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For The Record PR was established in September 2015, then re-launched in August 2018. Founded by Chama Mulenga, it currently exists to provide emerging UK artists with bespoke promotional services, and a platform to support and celebrate their music.

Chama has always had passion for music PR having studied journalism at university and began writing for music blogs to showcase emerging talent and develop her style of writing.


Teaching herself everything she knows, through conversations had, and attending a variety of music events, she was able to build a clientele and proceeded to make a career out of it to try her luck at filling the gap in the market in getting emerging UK artists recognised. 


Chama has been able to capture the needs of many creative individuals by not only understanding the context of what their aims are, but also exercising her creative flare to achieve them.


Aspiring to inspire is the core value of For The Record PR. Tailoring each artist’s campaign to best promote the work of themselves, and their music in a compelling way. “I have the expertise to deliver exceptional quality services, at an affordable price, that demonstrate the highest levels of productivity, at any given time.” – Chama Mulenga



For The Record PR currently exists to provide emerging UK artists with bespoke promotional services that showcase their new music to industry professionals that we have a great relationship with in a compelling way through our online platforms, events, and direct marketing. if you would like to collaborate with us, submit your music here


"I worked with Chama on the Melania Fiona campaign that she spearheaded. Working with Chama ensured that I was able to have access to the Grammy Award winner who was promoting her new album at the time in London.

Chama worked quickly and effecitently, always making sure I had everything I needed throughout the entire process"


Entertainment journalist, Metro

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